Sunday, August 31, 2008

Short update

I finished the Star Trek cover I'd had for a while. I wish I could bring myself to do more unrelated/graphic design covers as apposed to the sort of splash-page covers I have been doing. man I wish I could do the covers for the superman/batman/catwoman/supergirl shows etc. But I guess I'm holding down the fort for the more boring covers, I could draw superheroes all day long - do, lol - but it's hard to make something as calm as star trek visually appealing, I guess maybe I should appreciate it - maybe I'm learning more this way - rather than doing something I already know I'm good at or capable of. I'll post more on that when it officially comes out so I can talk about it, I finished my redo of pg 18 rough for James' and I's comic. I also did character sketched for Phil's comic and talked with him a bit. I finally have 2 days off coming up and I intend to use them, I got the final sound fx scripts done for episodes 1-8/11, so I need to finish that up, and should probably make it priority. I also found out about an amazing band called, August Burns Red - which will influence my drumming dramatically. Apparently the video of our 2nd practice did not turn out but we might get recording room this next time so that we have it down. I couldn't get to sleep till 4:30 am last night after working for 11hrs, good thing I don't have to work until later today. I've also been listening to allot of Massive Attack which is really good in a different way. Also here's that cover from the last blog when I was talking about the FF issue.

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