Thursday, August 14, 2008

11 scripts - Terra Novus is finished!

I finished my scripts 2 days ago, I was home all day it rained all day, the scripts got so much better the more I got into it. 11 scripts between 12 and 18 pgs each, which officially makes it the largest longest thing I've ever written or completed. Yay!

I think I might get to film part of the last script as a teaser for the show, it should be pretty cool. It would be a 1st person view from Android 808, otherwise known as Bob. The two men say some incriminating things in front of him because they think that he's turned off little do they know he is on and recording. So it would have a heads up display and stuff kind of like the 1st person shots in the beginning Robocop.

It will be kind of like the Dharma initiatives orientation video. It wont make any since but might stir up some mystery about the show. Heres the one from lost.

I just added this under the updates for the group "SCADRD (scattered) Savannah College of Art and Design Radio Dramas)

"So it doesn’t look like were going to be able to air the show this fall, due to everyone being out of town for the summer. But I have finished all 11 scripts now.

Now I need a few people that would like to get together and just casually read the scripts for temp dialog, so we can record them and start adding temp sound fx and music. That way we can start to judge timing and especially with a radio play to see if the audience can understand all the bits from the sounds alone, since reading the script is quite different than just listening.

Im getting together a sound fx bible and music bible as well, for those of you that are doing that, so that it is not necessary for those guys to read all the scripts. I will also try and get together voice character descriptions, like what accents etc they will have. That way people could either pick who they like, think they can do, or audition for.

So if anyone is interested or back in town, I would like to start soon, these episodes could take anywhere from 15 mins to 45 mins to record each, we could do one at a time or whatever each actor has time for and then mix them with the other actors when they can record their’s.

Let me know what you guys think, and if anyone is interested. If you’re not, maybe you can put the word out - I’ll be putting together posters to get more help and designing promo stuff for the show as well.

I’m going to have a separate promo poster for each episode so I also need 11 artist that would like to do some posters.

Sorry for the long wait, but I think we are finally ready to get this show on the road. Z"

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elephants never forget said...

Very cool! I'm excited to be a part of this project, and I'm always going to be here to help you! I'm very proud of you. These scripts are super important to you and they're a mile marker in your life. "First series written" or perhaps "Longest piece of fiction" or maybe even "coolest junk dude, like totally"