Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Batman: DK

ok before i get started on batman
frozen tapioka pudding = delicious.

how do i watch anything after this movie? anything i was working on, any movie i have, comic book i've read, project i could do... i don't know if it will ever come close to this film. im in a state of awe this morning after seeing The Dark Knight last night, the ending was my favorite part ***pseudo spoilers***
when this movie pushes the idea that batman is more than a hero, harvey is that hero because he works inside the rules, batman is something more. he takes the blame for two-faces killings to clear harvey's name even in death, even knowing this the commishioner calls in the police to hunt Batman. Batman says he is whatever gotham needs him to be, he endures it because he can. He can take that weight on his shoulders so that the city can keep hope in the public hero, the white knight, the late harvey dent and what he did for the city. They also talk alot about either "dying a hero or living long enough to see yourself become the villian" and give the example of Ceasar, that he was given all power in a time of need to protect the city and he took over it like a dictatorship. So Batman considers hanging up his mantle.
Joker keeps changing his story about how he got his scars, all of which are terrifying and tragic but amazing at the same time. Two face's creation and backstory is rich as well, blaming Batman for chosing to save him and let Rachel die, even though my girlfriend says that joker switched the addresses and Batman was after Rachel. either way he tries to make gordon go through the same thing. some fo the cops, specifically teh ethenic female that calls gordon's wife from teh house at gunpoint and one of the larger cops look like "montoya and bullock." her design on the show was very similar to elisa's on gargoyles. ok so maybe i could watch gargoyles but nothing else after this movie!
He talks of how she was going to wait for him, even though alfred has a letter from her saying she was going to marry harvey. they say the truth is not enough (also works and the movie plays to the point of the city hunting batman) that sometimes they need something more.
batman begins was good, before i saw this movie - allot of things were, now everything seems so trivial. this movie has shook me to my core and redefined what i thought a movie could be (not just a superhero movie), what a story can show, what a hero is, and what is important.
this movie is so much less linear than the first, there were enough scenes, plotlines and reversals to fill two or even three regulkar movies. it was like each plot point came at you so fast i didnt even have time to let the full impact of it set in before another was introduced. it was not like batman and robin where they crammed in as many badguys as they could so that it would feel bigger than the last one, and cut out everything important about the characters, this was all about the characters.
as many people have said, "heath ledger was not in this movie, joker was" and that is so true. he was so different there were only a few scenes where i was able to catch something of his normal manerisms voice etc. he took everything jack nicholson did right and added on it, because it was nicholson-eske, and the way he kept licking his scars at the sides of his mouth like a dog was so wierd, and he did it so casually. amazing, amazing, amazing.
batman did get a little gadgetey for my taste, the sonar vision so reminiscant of daredevil or batman forever. sticky bomb guns, etc - it was kind of like a james bond movie. i did love his bike though. im stil not sure how it works through, it was something like the left and right tires of the batmobile rotates to line up and had something like independant 360 degree mobility, very agile, very cool. i kept thinking his cape was going to get caught in the tire though. i liked that the spikes in his arm shot out but i guess im kind of partial to the batman in the gray tights and classic black bat logo on the chest with no yellow, kind of like an alex ross batman. i still think keaton looked like a better batman, and i like his suit better. batmans voice is a little over done, sounding like a metal singer - im kind of partail to kevin conneroy from the animated show's version.
i also was looking forward to and found the anime segments of google video, just type in "gotham knight part" and you'll get them all - still need to watch them - i think its about the only thing i can watch at this point. lol

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