Thursday, October 30, 2008

interviews and anthology

well i got interviewed over the internet, im boring but - hey its my 1st interview,
if you want to listen go to

got my anthology submission submitted, lol, i was there from 8am-1030pm today working on that and about 3 other things. you can see it at my deviant page.

jorge zaffino became and has slowly been becoming my favourite artist, he inks himself but is amazing. he's definatley not one of those artists who's work is transparent to the story - you are able to see the process but the finished product is an amazing piece of art and combination of countless techniques and materials. i was truley inspired by him and have looked back at idw's "seven blocks" more and more since i got it a few months back. he died in 2002, before i even knew about him. his style is so loose and textural but so perfect that you know what is going on and it becomes so realistic.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anthology pencils

a quick color of a night crawler drawing by the great lp, for julie's class.

here's my pencils for my anthology that i need to ink and letter by friday.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

24hr comic competition - Flop

So it didn't work out. I wrote a great story, thumbnailled, character designed etc all there and it took a few hours, then i started working. the white sharpie didn't do squat, my soup i had warmed up for myself was cold. the people in the room were lame, i was working way too big. there were a million reasons that it was better to just come home but in hopes of helping someone out for next year i thought i might pass along a few tips.
Don't work bigger than 9x12 - you wont have time to fill in blacks or put in details that would require bigger paper - so why do it.

check your supplies - make sure white out, erasers, pencil sharpeners, paper

cover yourself health wise - bring a jacket/change of clothes, something warm, something cold, something to drink, something sweet, something wholesome. don't drink too much sugar or caffeine - you will crash. get comfortable, and bring music.

think of your story before you get there. you have 24 hrs to do 24 pages, that'a an hour per page. if you have to do all the research and everything there like i did you will never finish. while it is technically supposed to all happen there, at least do character/environment designs before hand if not thumbnails or a script.

bring a bike - if you have to get anything - food, supplies etc. at least have an option for doing it quickly.

im still doing my story but it will be a while. but all the major stuff is out of the way, maybe ill save it for next year, summer or break.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Computer coloring

a sketch i used to digitally ink the guy in teh front

this was the origional inks traditionally, i started on pencils and was so excited i went to inks but they turned out bad.

here's the final version of inks, much improved redrew the hero character and added a lot of texture and shadows. all the corrections are digital. you can view my final colors on my deviantart page.

here's a sketch for the surrealism piece i did for art history.

and here is the final with the color sucked out of the skin, it turned out being eerier with it normal but anyway here it is to see. you can see my final on my deviantart. its my 1t computer painting, and after this class we will be learning painter so it will probably become quickly obsolete.

these are my colors or travis charest's "space girl" web comic which is awesome.

and this was my inclass midterm for computer coloring. 2 hours exactly. jr senior for the art - duh!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vulcan Nerve Pinch

So yeah, as I've been saying I really wanted to do a close up of some characters and here ya go. I sketched it, and waited about a week until classes started, then discovered the joy of digital inking, went with that - for the 1st time. was really excited with the results, colored the blues, then the yellows, then the skin tones, then faded them all together so it looked like the light was affecting the local colors. i was pretty pleased and had a lot of fun drawing it, its based off about the only pic that comes up when you google "vulcan nerve pinch" and looks a little too much like Spock but i think the lighting and inking sets this piece well apart from its reference.

Here is a link to the final.

In other news we had our 1st recording session for the radio drama today and it was great, were shooting for next friday to have all the temp lines for episode 2 done. After that we will probably record 2 episodes at a time for final versions.

I've also been sketching a lot, scanned a few - here's a link.

At the last minute I was asked to put together a poster for a theater company in colorado I've done some work for. The play is called Sleuth, here's the poster for the original movie from which the play is based. They wanted me to send them an idea like it.

So I came up with this using random images from google.

But after I got the pictures back that they took of the actors they told me "were thinking of going in a new direction." I was a little peeved but in teh end it turned out for the better, and it was hard to tell that they were two different people in mine anyway.

so here is my rough designs and a link to the final.

Here is a link to the final.

I guess I was channeling the Heist, Kill bill and the Italian Job marketing but it was fairly unconscious, plus once the words were in there it was really about making that work and which designs worked with the text not just as pretty pictures, and as anyone knows playbills have allot of text, you don't just cram everything into illegibly tiny font and stick it into a conveniently sized rectangle at the bottom.