Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Medes and Nerd Nation

I was on another episode of Nerd Nation where I talk about my upcoming projects, the podcast here. I also won the Medes contest at Denver Comic Con for a piece of art that highlighted social injustice and it is featured on their website. Hover over the glasses on the right side of the screen for the menu and click on my name. The website has a very original design and navigation. You can see it here. I also realize that I kind of went off on some things in my last post, and I think that's good. It's the opinionated reason I read other's blogs. This week I've been irritated with the trend of having character lose a family member or loved on as the inciting incident or in the first act of the movie/story etc. I've been listening to "the deceptionists" writing podcast and enjoying that and trying to get someone to make either an Aliens or Predator audio drama, there are none! And I find that extremely odd because I think they could be great. Especially an adaptation of the Steve Perry novel/comics trilogy, Earth Hive, Nightmare Asylum, and Female War - which follows on the heels of Aliens for an out of continuity alternative history. It sounds great, and I would love to hear them since each character/franchise really has some very iconic music and sound fx associated with them. I've also joined another sketchblog after the last one peetered out. This one is called and I've already posted for the Spider-man movie and Saga.