Thursday, February 25, 2010

Megacon Preview

I'll more than likely be at the What the Flux booth durring most of Megacon which is located in the Orange Section of Artist's Alley, booths 21-23.

I'll also have a 11x17 pinup poster I inked and colored at the What the Flux booth for Concrete Dove for sale.

Possibly a few t-shirts featuring some the Elephant and the Angel Warrior from my DA pages.

ill have prints of the belly dancer available for sale.

Belly Dancer Commission by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
as well as the iccw anthology in which these two stories are published.

Friend$hip - pg 1 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

Friend$hip - pg 2 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

"3:33am" I inked and "Friend$hip" i did all on my own. You can read the first few pages of each on my DA page by clicking either one of the pictures.

3:33am Pg 1 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

3:33am Pg 3 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

And don't forget a whole issue of interior b+w artwork in "Decisions" for Cosmic Times Publishing at their booth. With beautiful cover art by Dan Mann and letters by Robin. Check out the page for more a plot synopsis and credits on their website.

Decisions, issue 1- preview by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
And of course I'll have plenty of original art on hand for all to see in my portfolio.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pre-megacon work

Belly Dancer Commission by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
Just finished this a week or so ago. You can read details on DA. I did mention I will most likely have prints of this to sell at the con as well as some other original artwork of popular characters. I've also been working on a Concrete Dove Pin up for What the Flux that I'm inking and coloring. This month I'm working on a tattoo commission and for a chest piece, and designs for MMA fighter's t-shirts. So far I've done one and more are on the way. They have been seriously fun, like the tattoo design because it has been general directions and has basically been left up to me to make look cool. Which I think I did quite well.

Waring Angels by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
I also recently finished this tattoo commission, you can find out more on my DA page by clicking the image.