Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Long Time Surfer, 1st Time Blogger

I'm going to try to use this and see if it's faster than deviantart and facebook and all that other crap. i dont have time for it, plus this is non specific to what i want to post so i can add art, writing, blogs, pics etc. so here goes nothing.

here's my finished maquette for goto's class and the turnarounds, there are some weirdness to the turnaround like his leg but it was my 1st and it was detailed, i leaned allot though, about the legs and back - as long as i learned right and didnt just make stuff up. im still confused as to how the shoulder blade interlocks with the muscles visually but hey.

stressed! robins got strep after slicing her finger open at work and has taken time off so im taking care of her, loretta had her kittens,

we drove to experienced and drove back from disney in something like 30 hrs.

i haven't gotten to bed before 4 for the last week stright, im still turning things in on time and fully finished i spent from 8pm to 4 am working on a three page assignment for larison but three pages in 8 hrs is not bad. and had to finish my maquette - speaking of which here it is.

i wish i had free time to write and work on my own stories etc. theres so much i have to do i have no time for what i want to do.
inspiration: im really kind of stuck on wanting to read whedon's astonishing x-men and wanting to see the fantastic 4 issue where reed has to "deal" with his out of control super-kid and the rest of the team hate him for it - that pendarvis was talking about.

i have to get robins meds tomorrow, apply for financial aid, go to two classes and work on teh 5 pg assignment for larrison due mon. didnt have to due vicky's website like i thought, need to get stuff together for artist's alley and still worried about binding.

really wish string of fate would come back, or my destroyer would be published by oni. been looking at allot of disney and seeing how much im influenced by that, god i miss 2d animation, seeing people's demo reels makes me want to be an animator.

still trying to get a "stress relieving" wii, but don't know if i should buy josh's because it makes noise. started rubble bubble comics on facebook, haven't touched recording or writing terra novus in a few weeks. young x-men looks cool, and ninja gaiden for ds looks sweet, if they'd only make it for wii. my operating system hasnt been reinstalled or my video drivers so im just kinda hoping it doesn't crash on me. i guess thats it for now, its late or early depending on how you look at it and ive used up all my "stay up later to gain freetime because you dont have it during the day" freetime.