Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Working Professional

Well I'm not sure how much I can say about each project but I have secured enough work for the next year or two to finally quit my day job and go pro.
The second best news is that it is all pencilling, and some of the inking will be handled by my good friend and soon to be neighbor James Whynot. We have also nearly completed our pitch packet for "From Blood" formerly referred to as "27." I will be doing some more work for Cosmic Times, Mortal World Entertainment and What the Flux Comics, and have also started getting a fairly healthy stream of commission and side work as well.
So other than having to move twice this month, getting struck by lightening and getting my identity stolen the only thing that makes this month any better is (st some point) getting to celebrate my anniversary.
I have also colored a 6pg short horror story that Whynot inked over Drew Zucker, who is already getting to work with one of my idols of a related industry - cartoons! And I am submitting to Soyfucker vol 2 - an all vegan comic anthology.