Saturday, March 21, 2015

New Inspirations

I've rescently been flying threw a ton of comics as I'm drawing - here are some of the guys that are making me excited to draw. Brian Stefleeze - always helps me find directionin my own color work when I'm stuck. Claudio Castellini - Amazing hands, faces and angles. Very dynamic and interesting focus on ribcages. Rodolfo Damaggio - went on to do storyboards but if you're lucky enough to find his comics they read so easily and feel like a film without feeling slavish imitations of another artform. Marcos Marz Marco chechetto Eduardo Barreto - reminds me quite a bit of Jose Luise Garcia Lopez. Steve Epting - 90's Avengers is great stuff - amazing team shot splash pages. Alan Davis - couldn't stand him when I first saw his work but I think his stuff from the last decade is about as good as it gets. Amazing layouts, awesome smooth rendering - with help from his inker Mark Farmer - and it all has a certain texture - like pre-Bryan Hytch. Tom Raney - on Avengers Academy has been pretty good. The ones I've mentioned before but can't stop going back to - Lee Weeks, Ron Garney - can't beat their layouts and solid figure construction - and Andy/Adam Kubert. Butch Guice - his work on dc/marvel all access seems to be my favorite stuff of his. So much acting with hands and faces in every panel. I tried resurection man which came right after but it doesn't look like they could keep an inker on him and it didn't quite work for me. Al Wiliamson - seems to improve and make me love anything he touches - besides Spider-girl. Paul Neary - Can't stand his vertigo/dc work but can't get enough of the cover art he did for Marvel video games and comics, even Ninja Turtles. I finally got about 15pgs of sequentials and a color cover up on Deviantart to show. More to come.