Thursday, January 29, 2009

x-men tight roughs and random inks

hers some inks over lee weeks and angel medina. also the tight roughs for the x0-men pages im doing, missing a giant splash of the sentinel crashing but im working on it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

x-men deadly genesis thumbs

ill be penciling 7-10 but lyle called these "dynamite," fun and clear to read. great action, clear layouts and awesome energy. he says with a little more work on my anatomy, rendering, figures and that ill get mainstream work no problem. i would really love to do either breakdowns or finishes with someone else, finished pencils is so tedious and inking is so much fun id love to make a team with someone else.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Terra Novus art and Promo postcard

these are my tight roughs for issue 3 of maelstrom, i've been working on drawing women and it counts in this issue. got lots of positive comments, and spent a little extra time. here is a link to the final pages for 1-4. i've been working on drawing women a lot, and had gotten a lot of positive comments, i had had a couple of comments that they look masculine. i may have crossed the line though as in senior project people said i needed to learn the difference between "sexy and slutty." but at least they look feminine, it may be a two steps forward one step back kind of thing. also i as they mentioned have been drawing the clothes pretty much skin tight and i guess that's a convention of super hero comics that i need to break if i want to do something that might partially appeal to women because as soon as they saw her they were out of it. bryan says i need to think of a target audience and that will help make my decisions, everyone ive been looking at, adam hughes, j. campbell etc had very female women, but today when i thought about it, the only ones who want to see that female of women is men. so..

you can see the colored final version here, i also digitally added some lines in the shadows etc. that helped clarify a few things as these are fairly confusing and alternative/experimental/non traditional inks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

spidey tight roughs

heres my tight roughs at 8 1/2 x 11 for my spidey pages.

1/20/09, i finished the final pages in 5 1/2 hrs before class, check them out here. it still has some of the same problems as the tights, no hand on electro on the 1st page, and i messed the proportions of the thug multiple times, but that splash came out nice, and the multi figure panel on teh second page was nice too.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spidey tights and Darket Night review if you haven't seen this website you should, it made me sick to my stomach to think about all the people, artists, that, as they say on the website "are being ripped off because they are counting on the fact that the original artists are too scared and feel it would be too expensive to take them to court." The people at this website think differently and help to exploit and expose these cheaters who are getting paid for these knockoff mass marketed designs.

I sent Tom Lyle my script from last year about Batman and my take on how Joker would eventually drive him crazy, i will not reveal the details but do have Lyle's comments on the script for which I received similarly positive remarks from Mark, for who's class I wrote it in the 1st place.

He said I understand Batman well, and that what happened in the script would happen, given what Joker does to Batman. Because the script was only 14 (comic) pages long and I had up to 7 panels per page he said I could easily stretch it to 22 pages and have time to play with pacing and payoffs a little more, which I will do. He also was nice enough to send the script back with a few grammatical corrections and some lines he felt I didn't need, or were to overt and even highlighted them in red. He thinks I had them talking too much but it was a scripting class, he said it was just an opinion because he felt Batman should always be a man of few words, concise and to the point. But he did say he liked the concept, he liked the pacing, I kept true to the characters, and that DC would never publish it because batman is guilty of murder by the end.

Also here are my thumbnails (4 to an 8 1/2x11) for an entire unpublished issue of Spider-man of which I will actually be penciling the first 3.

You can read the script from which i worked here by Dwayne Mcduffie.

I also wrote a 15 page script for a play for my "writing fundamentals for the stage and screen" class, which I will be read out loud next class by students. The assignment was a 5 pg minimum, 3 characters, starts with an explosion and one location. I will post the class' and my teacher's opinions, as well as send the script to Aaron because I feel it could really be produced and it would be good and easy, and see what he has to say. I had a few troubles with the title but i settled on "two stories."

Friday, January 9, 2009

Spork in the Road

So a few years back, while I was in high school I took a summer class at RMCAD in Colorado on comic books. It was something like a week long for like 6hrs a day. It was taught by Jon Holdredge, who is currently teaching there now, and Mike Barron. I just looked it up today, interested in finding specific details and the names of the guys who taught it. Barron taught the writing portion in the morning while Mike taught well everything else. When I came across Barron’s site he publicly “dissed” the whole student body and even went into intimate details about some of his student’s home lives, so I will not sink to that level and do the same here with him but I will say that Jon was more helpful and was a lot more structured in his use of the time we had in class. He’s the only reason I felt a little more justified in paying the money. Jon is a professional inker but also was a good artist and had kind of made his mark on Deadpool in the late 90’s. Anyhow I generally got the feeling that he thought the industry was dead, and was discouraging us from getting into it – when we were there for a class because we wanted to. So from there I set my sights on 3d animation, stopped drawing and didn’t really pick it back up until Vicky suggested I change my major, and to do that I’d have to move and go to SCAD or Joe Kubert school, which I’ve heard mixed things about. I had originally chosen SCAD because it gave you a BFA with a emphasis in sequential art where as the JKS only gave you a certificate, but professionally neither one would have meant jack, its all about your skills. I really started when I heard Rags Morales had graduated from there and he had gotten work doing a graphic novel Identity Crisis for DC, anyway I thought he had just graduated. The just today I just found his bio on wiki and thought I read he graduated in 1998, and I thought hey 9 years to work at DC that’s not bad, then I reread it and saw it was 1988. Anyway, the class was a fork in the road, I wonder were I would be had I kept on drawing and stuck to it, but I’m here now at SCAD, graduating in less than 6 months and intimidated but more optimistic than most about finding work in the field once I graduate. I went from one end of the fork to the other with some rough edges and thus made a spork. Editor’s day should give me a good indication of my chances are and how much farther I need to come to be able to work professionally. Do I try for the smaller companies where I might be able to get a job and impress them or head to the big dogs and see if I can keep there attention? I’ve heard most the guys that come use it as an excuse to get smashed anyway so well see, I may be the one taking it the most seriously in the room. Let’s hope this spork is good enough to feed me while I pay off loans.

Things are getting rocky with my friend/co-writer and artist for Maelstrom, so I’m staying on the ship till the end of the month and if he sinks it I’m jumping. I have a story about a firefighter I started for 24hr comic day I could work on but I’m currently and will soon be contractually (grade wise that is) obligated to work on what would have been our 3rd issue of Maelstrom in Senior Project Class.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

be ambitious boys-first 2pgs

these are some partial inks i found while going through old stuff. i was in such a rush i didnt get to scan pencils, these were shot with my digital camera after i inked the line art before i added spot blacks and textures. i worked so fast i accidentally and unfortunately saved the files with the temp spot blacks i was doing in photoshop on top of he art. oh well, if you didn't know the finals are on my deviant account. you can view pg 1 here, it has links to the other 4.

here's the inks for my new star trek cover, you can view the colored version here it also has links to where to hear the episode produced by pendant audio.

here's the 1st 2 pgs for phil's book "be ambitious boys." its in blue and unfinished because ill be inking myself and it was really light. hope to get the other 4 done this weekend.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year

ive been relaxing in colorado with my family for new years and x-mas, ive got 6 months left in school and then im done. unfortunatley i wont be able to do my Samaratin character for superhero comics class, im finally working on some pages for phils comic and getting back into drawing because i havent drawn all break, just getting some much needed r&r, and snowboarding with my bro, seeing old friends etc. well i should have phils pages and my next startrek cover done here in teh next week. in the mean time enjoy some old comics i did for fun in my sketchbook from my first year at scad. see ya then.