Tuesday, January 6, 2009

be ambitious boys-first 2pgs

these are some partial inks i found while going through old stuff. i was in such a rush i didnt get to scan pencils, these were shot with my digital camera after i inked the line art before i added spot blacks and textures. i worked so fast i accidentally and unfortunately saved the files with the temp spot blacks i was doing in photoshop on top of he art. oh well, if you didn't know the finals are on my deviant account. you can view pg 1 here, it has links to the other 4.

here's the inks for my new star trek cover, you can view the colored version here it also has links to where to hear the episode produced by pendant audio.

here's the 1st 2 pgs for phil's book "be ambitious boys." its in blue and unfinished because ill be inking myself and it was really light. hope to get the other 4 done this weekend.

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