Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spidey tights and Darket Night review

http://youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com/ if you haven't seen this website you should, it made me sick to my stomach to think about all the people, artists, that, as they say on the website "are being ripped off because they are counting on the fact that the original artists are too scared and feel it would be too expensive to take them to court." The people at this website think differently and help to exploit and expose these cheaters who are getting paid for these knockoff mass marketed designs.

I sent Tom Lyle my script from last year about Batman and my take on how Joker would eventually drive him crazy, i will not reveal the details but do have Lyle's comments on the script for which I received similarly positive remarks from Mark, for who's class I wrote it in the 1st place.

He said I understand Batman well, and that what happened in the script would happen, given what Joker does to Batman. Because the script was only 14 (comic) pages long and I had up to 7 panels per page he said I could easily stretch it to 22 pages and have time to play with pacing and payoffs a little more, which I will do. He also was nice enough to send the script back with a few grammatical corrections and some lines he felt I didn't need, or were to overt and even highlighted them in red. He thinks I had them talking too much but it was a scripting class, he said it was just an opinion because he felt Batman should always be a man of few words, concise and to the point. But he did say he liked the concept, he liked the pacing, I kept true to the characters, and that DC would never publish it because batman is guilty of murder by the end.

Also here are my thumbnails (4 to an 8 1/2x11) for an entire unpublished issue of Spider-man of which I will actually be penciling the first 3.

You can read the script from which i worked here by Dwayne Mcduffie.

I also wrote a 15 page script for a play for my "writing fundamentals for the stage and screen" class, which I will be read out loud next class by students. The assignment was a 5 pg minimum, 3 characters, starts with an explosion and one location. I will post the class' and my teacher's opinions, as well as send the script to Aaron because I feel it could really be produced and it would be good and easy, and see what he has to say. I had a few troubles with the title but i settled on "two stories."

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