Monday, January 26, 2009

Terra Novus art and Promo postcard

these are my tight roughs for issue 3 of maelstrom, i've been working on drawing women and it counts in this issue. got lots of positive comments, and spent a little extra time. here is a link to the final pages for 1-4. i've been working on drawing women a lot, and had gotten a lot of positive comments, i had had a couple of comments that they look masculine. i may have crossed the line though as in senior project people said i needed to learn the difference between "sexy and slutty." but at least they look feminine, it may be a two steps forward one step back kind of thing. also i as they mentioned have been drawing the clothes pretty much skin tight and i guess that's a convention of super hero comics that i need to break if i want to do something that might partially appeal to women because as soon as they saw her they were out of it. bryan says i need to think of a target audience and that will help make my decisions, everyone ive been looking at, adam hughes, j. campbell etc had very female women, but today when i thought about it, the only ones who want to see that female of women is men. so..

you can see the colored final version here, i also digitally added some lines in the shadows etc. that helped clarify a few things as these are fairly confusing and alternative/experimental/non traditional inks.

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