Thursday, October 16, 2008

Computer coloring

a sketch i used to digitally ink the guy in teh front

this was the origional inks traditionally, i started on pencils and was so excited i went to inks but they turned out bad.

here's the final version of inks, much improved redrew the hero character and added a lot of texture and shadows. all the corrections are digital. you can view my final colors on my deviantart page.

here's a sketch for the surrealism piece i did for art history.

and here is the final with the color sucked out of the skin, it turned out being eerier with it normal but anyway here it is to see. you can see my final on my deviantart. its my 1t computer painting, and after this class we will be learning painter so it will probably become quickly obsolete.

these are my colors or travis charest's "space girl" web comic which is awesome.

and this was my inclass midterm for computer coloring. 2 hours exactly. jr senior for the art - duh!

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