Thursday, October 30, 2008

interviews and anthology

well i got interviewed over the internet, im boring but - hey its my 1st interview,
if you want to listen go to

got my anthology submission submitted, lol, i was there from 8am-1030pm today working on that and about 3 other things. you can see it at my deviant page.

jorge zaffino became and has slowly been becoming my favourite artist, he inks himself but is amazing. he's definatley not one of those artists who's work is transparent to the story - you are able to see the process but the finished product is an amazing piece of art and combination of countless techniques and materials. i was truley inspired by him and have looked back at idw's "seven blocks" more and more since i got it a few months back. he died in 2002, before i even knew about him. his style is so loose and textural but so perfect that you know what is going on and it becomes so realistic.

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