Monday, November 3, 2008

everybody started somewhere

heres my ideas and tight roughs for covers for the comic ive been working on.

this is a pic i quickly colored for class.

yes i did tighten up pg one before i inked it. my final pages can be found in my deviantart gallery.

this was a cheesy comic i found laying around in noris and then i realized the artist on the cover was one of my (now) idols, mike deodato jr. who has recently worked on tigra, thunderbolts, hulk, spiderman, moonknight. he has come a long way since this piece in 1996, but it just took this piece to make me see him as a person, lower him off his god like pedistol and say if he can change that much and be where he is now, who says i cant. i later put the text on it and hing this up in my room as inspiration.

and last this is my inks for the new startrek cover, the colored version of which can be found on pendant audio's website or my deviant page. i was actually quite pleased with it despite inking it right after i woke up and the size only being 7x6" max. i added the hatching and feathering as lightly a i could at the last minute and really loved how it came out, i had been looking at a lot of bryan hytch lately, though it doesn't show too much.
alternately ive been trying to research a japanese artist named leiji matsumoto whos been doing and manga since the 70's such as gun frontier, galaxy express 999, and captain harlock. but i can barley find anything on him let alone images of his work for some reason. i also got robin hooked on x-men by reading chris bachello and humburto ramos' "supernovas" graphic.

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