Thursday, November 20, 2008

winter break 08

*warning this link and paper contain what could be considered mature content*

this is a paper my friend, james whynot wrote on one of my pieces. if you'd like to see his artwork you can view it here
or the piece to which he is referring here.
other than that, its break. odd term though because i have to do 5 pages for phils comic book, pencil, ink and letter. write issue 3 of maelstom with james, ink my pages from issue 2 and pencil my pages from issue 1. write a script for superhero class next quarter, do my star trek covers as well as finish redesigning the logo for capricious alchemy. guess how many of those jobs pay... 1. however its all work, hopefully portfolio work. and i know im going to kick ass at editors day this year so here's to that.
i also intend to post on the da forums for commissions, hopefully that will up my viewers and income, not to mention artwork output. wahoo, break - my ass, this will be catching up on everything i put off time.

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