Monday, August 25, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

I had a great second practice with Phil and Carlos, we arranged the songs in the order we will play them for shows and played them in that order. What's even cooler is we got the set on tape, we'll have to see how the recording quality is though. If nothing else they're going to make it a cd for me to practice by.

I got all the breakdowns done with James of the 1st issue of our comic. He wants to ink his own stuff so it could be quite a while till this first issue is done considering he has about 17 of the 22 pages to do. The next issue is more me though so it should go faster.

The Bad:
I dont know what type of paper to use because mine is not good for inking, its the crap blue line pro stuff and James had a tablet of 14X11 bristol paper and just started drawing (like i warned him not to) and inking, I explained that it was not proportional to 11x17 not to mention the image area was suposed to be 10x15. He was shocked, and eventually we settled on that he would do his pages 9-1/3x14 to stay proportional to the 10x15 of a normal comic. Well he's got a few weeks in Florida to work on it so hopefully he gets a lot done. He's so easily distracted and it's very frustrating to try to help him, show him, do it for him and then come back the next day and either he's forgot the stuff we worked on, lost it or is distracted again. I have too many things to do and like my old friend Ben, he is usually 2-3 hours later than he says he will be, so I've had to go to his place just to stick him with some times.

I've been procrastinating the Star Trek cover because my waccom tablet has stopped running on my computer so coloring is going to be a bi**h.

No one has replied to my email about needing help for Terra Novus, I think I just need to record the voice tracks with me, Robin and maybe a few other friends that will help. It's no wonder I have not had too many collaborations - someone else always falls through and nothing ever gets finished. I guess it did take me about 6 months to write the scripts though. I still need to do promo's for the show - meaning posters etc. Posters for needing voice actors, auditions etc and get them approved and around scad. Most importantly I need to finish the "sound fx bible" and "music que bible" for the guys so they can get started, my vague and quick emails have not been enough for them to start anything so I'm hoping a specific list with details and descriptions should get them pointed in the right direction.

The Ugly:
My computer crashed, again, it was working so well and then it just quit in the middle of me doing something. Every few restarts I'd get it for a few minutes but then it would die again, till it got to the point that it would just load the windows start up progress bar and stop - a few minutes later say "can't find hard drive." I took it apart, cleaned it, vacuumed and found a wire that wasn't plugged in (not sure if it happened when I moved or when I opened it) but when I closed it back up it worked again. So now I'm copying all my stuff to my external drive.
Now I need to start the process I tried to forget and reinstall everything, AGAIN! I'm pretty sure it was the driver for my old parallel scanner that has messed it up both times so I will make sure to leave that one out this time, it also has a problem with removing itself. I still hadn't sorted out and mixed all my old i-tunes and old files with my new ones, I'm not sure what's the same and what is new between the hard drive and my new computer. I think there is a way to sinc them together though so one is the same as the other, however that could slow my computer and if there was a problem they would both have it.
I'm going crazy working so much, my girlfriend wont be working much less during the school year, she tried getting a job at a bakery, she has other options and we'll just have to see how things work out. I think I'm going to have to turn down a manager position so I can say no to working so many hours during the school year. The projects I'm doing I don't know if I would be able to do at any other time in my life with the people I'm doing them with so I think it sounds like oportunity knocking at the door and I'd rather take that than the money. It's idealistic but I got a raise anyway, so if I could do it before I know I can do it now.
We tried drinking green tea again after about a year and 3/4 w/ no cafine, she says it helps her I think it puts me more on edge.

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