Monday, August 18, 2008

Xyris is a Go!

I'm a drummer again! And more seriously than ever, I've messed around with Justin and Nash, recorded and edited jams and even created a cd with Dan and Justin in "Comfort and Chaos," played a few bits and recorded like two songs with Tyler in "Instrumetal," talked and met and had to eventually leave before we started a dream theater inspired band in Co, played a practice that I was not asked back in "Die like able" in Ga, and now am officially the new drummer for Xyris, with Carlos and a guy I met from work named Phil. They are right up my musical alley, and headed toward the stuff I want to be doing, heavyier prog-based music. We played a few of their songs and I caught on fast and even jammed a few with suprizing sincapation. We should be playing shows after a few more practices, I need to get a carpet so that I can map out my drums for shows. Were practicing in a place called "5 below" where you can buy 3 hours with their amps and drum kit, studio etc for 30 bucks. No big transport needed, no need to annoy neighbors etc. I'm scared for my drum set, it's a piece of crap and I don't know how it will sound live, or if I practice on another kit and play on mine if it will feel wierd. Anyway for not drumming for close to 6 months, except for a few times, I was very in shape and rather pleased with myself. I can't wait to play a show with thee guys! Hear them at their website or their myspace here
ps: they say I can do whatever I want with the drums, considering my style is not that far out what they're lookinbg for.

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