Monday, September 8, 2008


here's just a couple cool scenes i've found after reading the 1st 8 issues of elementals and a few special issues. when i started reading them i had gotten the writer/creator/artist Bill Willingham mixed up with Al Williamson - who is in my opinion one of the greatest artists that ever lived. I used to get the Star-Wars daily comic book strips that eventually got colored and reprinted by darkhorse in comic book form in the early 90's. Al did do the inks for Powerline saga, Bill isn't great but he gets the job done, he is a great writer, has some very opinionated views on some things but after reading the letters columns you start to understand where he's coming from, and he's a far cry from some of the pencilers he got to replace him on later issues. Even mike mignolla filled in a few guest pages here and there, remember this thing was written in the mid eighties.
I was thinking of books/heroes I always liked as a kid and would like to work on: The phantom, Darkhawk, Moon Knight, The Inhumans, wildcats etc etc.
Anyway back to Elementals, its been great to look forward to these issues, I've also read the 1st two issues of Moon Knight with Finch doing the art, man that guy is such a bad ass, defiantly the Jim lee for the new millennium, so much better than that guy they have on Batman R.I.P. and oh god I just saw the artist they have on spider-man and i guess have had for some time Angel Medina - well now its the Venom Dark Origin storyline but the guy is bad, he looks like Todd Mcfarlane when he was on Spider-man. Okay whatever just check out the pics below, this is some of the type of material you can expect from the Elementals.

I'm ready to start penciling both Jame's comic which it looks like I'll be able to work on issue 2 in Lyle's class this coming semester, and Phil's comic prelude for his film. I have so many people interested in the Terra Novus radio drama that I'm going to have to hold auditions, I also have many people ready to help with art and much else - all of which I was dying for 6 months ago, luckily I finally pulled a trick I had planned a while ago and had forgotten to put into action.

Oh also: Just watched the other Boleyn Girl, wow. Disturbing, amazing, stressful and beautiful. One of the hardest parts to watch happens when Natalie portman's character miscarriages while trying to give a male heir to the king for the second time and tries to convince her brother to bed her so it will be as if it never happened, both their lives depend on it. When they are seen trying they are turned in and even though they couldn't go through with it, both of them physically shaking they are so sad and pressured - they are beheaded. Tough stuff to watch, Natalie Portman is such a good actress.
pss: I also finished the sound fx bible for Terra Novus and my 3rd cover for Star Trek.

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