Saturday, September 27, 2008

Character Designs and Star Trek Sketch

alright so first here is my skecth for a classy looking star trek cover for next week. i still have to ink and color it, hoping for an adam hughes vibe for inking with a thick outline and thin hatching inside, cant find my inking brushges though now that ive moved.

this was my origional and still my favourite sketch for teh cast of terra novus, it has my notes on it, but it was just to keep them straight in my head. now its almost all i have to design from.

there were my new designs trying to make them retro and fun and homage-like but they ended up just looking phony and stupid. its hard to make things like tights and a wrestling belt look cool when you add in the word sci-fi. but me and a few other guys are working on it, i did like aurora's new look though with the pancho and cloak, and then the short rogue gloves and high boots. heavily inspired by some designs i used to have in my star wars concept art book. the idea here being that it should be baggy enough and indistinct enough that others dont notice she is pregnant.

here's my layout thumbs for the covers i described on the group page.

these are some sketches for a metal band that commissioned me to do a cover for them called capricious alchemy, we have been trying to brainstorm on ideas for the subject and he had mentioned that most their songs revolve around anti-materialism and anti-narcissism me and my other friend had been talking about how greedy alchemists turn metal into gold for personal gain. in these images i was trying to have a similar alchemist doing something like that and then have a hero/knights break in to stop him. the second one looks more fun now where he would be covered in jewelery like xerxes and be coveting the book, this way we'd get a look at his now-lavish pad, maybe even some gold diggers or prostitutes running from the shaddowed hero who has come to put an end to his treachery.

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