Thursday, September 25, 2008

Long time, no post -sorry

So we finished leon in class and talked about bleed pages, I mentioned I liked charest but lyle hates him – says he is just pinups. But he is the best, an awesome illustrator we all agreed but his storytelling and layout is confusing – says lyle.
We got done early and all the student met about the scripts, I waited till last and did my in class assignment that was going to be homework. I brought it to him, he also mentioned that we will have t oink a few pages, and he said “when did you do this, during the movie? I said id been sitting there for 20 mins, he said “holly crap you laid out 4 pages in 20 mins. Glanced over them and said, your storytelling has really improved, you are making some really quick really good decisions, he looked at my layout and pointed out a few minor things but said he liked the look of the pages and that they were very nice, he’s going to help me with some of the more difficult perspective shots, but that I should use more angles. And I know, it was like once the summer came and I started doing layouts for 3 issues of comics all I wanted to do was move the camera side to side and up or down but never tilt up or down. My brain wasn’t in it. All summer I had procrastinated doing work, guilty about it though. I did a lot of personal art which I liked allot, very introspective though usually sad but it cheered me up and it kept me drawing. So letting that go was hard, I do have a project in art history that could tie back into that though so – yay! but i cant post or show most of it because i don't want any one to think different of me, or how i view them - its personal but like i said it kept me drawing and it kept me from getting too depressed, it came out of my pencil instead of my mouth and that is good. Over the summer I was writing and doing a lot of james work for him but I am freakishly fast, for a student, less than average for a pro but im getting better. I had seen mike manely site and that he had done 2-3 pages a day for quasar and was inking alpha fight at the same time, now I don’t know if I could do that consecutively but I have done 5 pages in about 12 hours and did it multiple times in larrison’s class, including lettering. Now if I did that during the day I could probably go even faster not being so dragged out and tired.

Here’s a layout for a dps sketch I did of spiderman I really liked, kind of has the live action tv 60’s eyes, like cassiday did on giant size astonishing x-men, though seeing his black and whites he does leave a lot of backgrounds out or even insert photocopies for backgrounds sometimes of large city shots. But his characters look great and there is some awesome layout stuff in latter issues of that series, im only missing issue 24 now before I go and read it. Anyway, wanted it to be a kind of tour de force of inking techniques and I figured it would be big enough I could ease into brush stuff, there’s a cool video on using a razor to add texture on manely’s site →

Also here is my “tight” roughs for the 1st 4 pages (non bleed format) of issue 2 of me and james’ story.

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