Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Work - Yay!

here's the inks for the piece on the previous post.

So after a few days of looking around and sending out about 25-30 emails, I've found a few freelance gigs.
I'll be doing a set of 50 8x10 quick paintings for a local band called the AQUAJONES, for their promotional packets.

I'll also be working on a secret project - all I can mention is what was mentioned on their post on Digital Webbing since I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement:
Artist Needed For Super Hero-Related Marketing Project
First off, this is a "purely for exposure" kind of gig.

I'm heading up part of a team developing a promotional campaign for an upcoming web series. As part of our efforts we're developing at least one mini-comic.
We'd need either one artist or a small team to help produce around eight pages of sequential art--pencils, inking, coloring and lettering.
This could be a fun project for the right person/team. You'd get full credit and your work would be part of a project with potentially high visibility.

I'll be scanning my skateboard designs and getting in touch with them this next week - should go well.
I got a lot of nods from people on Digital Webbing but was ultimately passed over, not bad for getting my foot in the door. Hopefully I will be able to post some work soon, as the Aquajones need the first 10 by the end of the week. I am still w/o a scanner but it is the first place any money from these projects will go. I also put up a piece I did a while back for Dave on DA.

Wonderboy: Hero Initiative by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
I also just acquired the "best selling graphic novel of all time" - The Death of superman and was disappointed that Jurgens/Breeding only did 2 issues, but I should have known since the GN is compiled from all the differnet issues from different superman series that the Doomsday event crossed over into, so the regular artists form each got to do an issue too. Jurgens/Breeding's style for the actual issue, (Superman 75) is rather strange.

It's all full page spreads, some of which are majorly wonkey, others are great, all are iconic, but its almost as if they worked on them smaller and blew them up. The feathering and line weight are way larger than you would ever get with panel-to-panel pages. Idk, just an observation. Also noticed that this image by Bruce Timm is based of one of the small panels that Jurgens/Breeding did in Superman #74.

I'm also trying out for a new Metal-core band tonight called Next of Sin. Well see how it goes.

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