Thursday, June 18, 2009


this is an old coloring piece I did for julie's class. I've been applying for the whole spectrum of comic's positions.
Hey all, i haven't posted as often as usual recently. Ive been out of school and saving up for a scanner. Been working on various side projects like:
Maelstrom with james,
Phil's prequel comic book to his student film\
possibly penciling a comic james wrote and him inking it. But were working the script over first.
I designed a tattoo for my brother and have been taking it pretty easy since I just moved out of georgia this last weekend. Other projects I'd like to work on include:
a 9-11 firefighter story I wanted to do for 24hr comic day,
Vicky's Unnaturals,
my 6-issue Subhumans super-hero book
a special project I want to take some time writing called "the Samaritan."
i hope to work on these self published books as a way to keep working and creating a fresh portfolio and send new pages out every couple of months.
Ive also completed over 15 skateboard tight roughs that me and James will be sending to a connection of his for approval by the skate team before we finish out a select few. I'm excited and am researching comic companies in my new home to see if i can go visit and make some connections.
We've also been keeping a pretty intense conversation going on at Tom's blog about the industry in general along with some more specific points.
I'd also like to start opening commissions over DA, as I have been seeing a lot of poor or decent artists making hundreds at it, with little to no effort. Tattoo designs, portraits, pinups anyone?
Ill also be checking back every few days on digital webbing's wanted pages.

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