Monday, June 1, 2009

Simpsons and Constantine

These were done as part of my "Character design and storyboarding" class, over a year ago, and animated last semester in "Adv. survey of computer art apps"
Its the first few minutes of episode 10, season 1: Homer's night out.
A bunch happens in a short amount of time, you can watch mine here

and watch the real one here.
The Simpsons 110 Homer's Night Out
I didn't see the episode recently until after I was done storybording it but they are rather similar.
also i thought I'd post a few pages we did of Hellblazer we colored and lettered. The font didn't come through for the lettering unfortunately but I guess you can see the balloon placement if nothing else.

also here are a few clips and trailers for a student film called "the winter of 1914" that i did the storyboards for. I'm trying to get a copy of it so I can sync the audio to the storyboards like I did for the simpsons but contact with the director and even the editor (who posted the videos" has been difficult and sparse.

i also was a production assistant (PA) back between highschool and college on a movie called "the Sensei." Which is making it's rounds at film festivals now.

and oh yeah! i started a blog for my Radio Drama and the first episode came out about a few weeks ago. You can learn more and listen to the first episode, here.

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