Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Fan Film

Also I just got my new Star Wars fan film done as one of my finals. It is supposed to be a sequel to my first (Star Wars, Episode 0: Guardians of the Prophecy) one and is more fx heavy than anything I've done to date. It was a lot of work, luckily I had split up some of the work in my free time over the last 2 1/2 years since we filmed it. A big part of the problem was the incompatibility of .WMV files with Adobe software.
I wasn't able to get some of the cool advanced effects that some people could get like the lightsaber stretching out to tween between frames, or light flashes upon contacts but i was able to change the size when the saber was closer to the camera and create original spark fx animations and play with the lasers receding in space in perspective. it would have been cool as a 3d movie, lol.
Here's the breakdown:
65: sounds – 4 sound hrs editing
2: hrs 3d texturing – and 2 more animating
4: 3d fx shots
1: green screen fx shot
3: title/credit sequences
28: practical camera shots
6: hrs frame-by-frame flash animation

Here's a little behind the scenes action where Luke was his own stuntman and took a paintball to the chest so we could track the wound in the part where his character (the Cyborg-Sith) gets killed.

Here is the original fan film we did.

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