Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Defiant 37 and Aquajones

Here's my new cover for Pendant Audio's ongoing fan radiodrama. The drawing was hard actually, I've fallen kind of out of it but am working on getting back on top with a few other projects because I've been so busy, and it looks like I'll be moving yet again here in a few months. The inking was okay, using brushpens and tech pens again, and I got some cool fx by setting two similar photo textural layers (of the sunset through a dirty windshield) to "multiply" (grayscale) and the other to "color burn" overtop and under my line art. The streaks gave it a cool brushed painterly look at certain spots but overall the photo gave it an awesome color palette. The stars were the same texture page I made for the last cover but overlapped and used bigger to look like stars instead of snow.
You can listen to this and other episode at pendant audio's website.

Star Trek: Defiant, Ep. 37 by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
I've also been doing some promo-pack covers for a local band called Aquajones. 10 down 40 to go. And I might be doing t-shirt designs with a Denver based clothing company DVLP soon. No word yet on the skatboard designs, poo.

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