Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st 10/50 Aquajones and Humble Boy

The band I did these for (Aquajones) were nice enough to let me show them to you all. You can hear their music and see alternate scans of a few of these images on their myspace page here.

Aquajones by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

(Below) i was trying to figure out what or who aquajones could be and I thought of Scuba Steve from Big Daddy.

(Above) Again playing with "AquaJones" this time making him look more like an action figure.

(Above)i was going for a Betty Page kind of look but the way her eyes and her mouth came out reminded me of the Max Fleischer Lois Lane.

(Unrelated) Juts thought I'd post this. It was my first envolvement (professionally) as I had done theater posters as early as grades school (Willy Wonka) and High School (the Importance of Being Ernest). But this was for an actual theater company for which I also designed the logo (lower left) Fire House Theater company in Colorado. Both of which were colored by a professional friend, Danielle, through which I learned a lot about the process. But I did the inks and drew the image. I drew the tree the bee's and the ground all separate so we could place them to fit and I think it worked wonderfully.

Here's a close up on the logo I designed for them some 5/6 years ago, and again it's colored by Danielle.

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