Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Defiant 38

This episode focused on the regret of a character for the death of another and I immediately imagined the pieta. Of course comics are filled with this type of imagery:

although "googling" pieta you get a bunch of master srtists renditions which are all amazing and very different in style and composition.

(above) is the one i based (mocked) my piece on. i had originally wanted to draw all the crew of the defiant in the poses of the angels around him but didn't have time.

Though it bears little resemblance to its influence the posture and the look on Magas' face. I had, as I always do with star trek covers, various incantations and usually spend most of my time trying to figure out what option to take. The coloring came out of the short time I took on it, but with the colors it almost worked in a very iconic pop art way. I eventually added the glow on top of the lines (by just duplicating the white layer i used to color the wings and Gaussian bluring it above the lines) as a way of finding a middle between the pop art route and the feathers route i also had planned out using a layer type and a b+w photo of feathers.

I have also posted a small, fast (2 hrs) mini i made to send to my little brother a few years back called THE DRAGON AND THE 3 LITTLE BOYS.

And have finished my Aquajones promo covers which I will be sharing with you all soon. First I thought I'd post this pic from one of the first freelance pieces I did for CFU magazine in Co. Most the other stuff can be found on my DA page. They later used this image and retyped his speech bubble to match what they were doing that month. Not great but not bad for still being in highschool (at the time).

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