Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Osprey

above are the inks w/o leveling them in photoshop, I used the brush they included and the tech pens that are in the pack.

Commission: The Osprey by ~xaqBazit on deviantART

I had to create a sequence using my own character, letter it myself and ink and color it - using only the tools in the pack that it will be sold with. Here is the colored version.

Suffice it to say I was less than thrilled about coloring it but I still had fun with it, despite being able to blend a convincing flesh tone. And below a picture of how and where it appears in the booklet in the "Complete Comics Illustration Kit" from Faber Castell.

Here's a link to my turnarounds and maquette I did for him semesters earlier. I kind of stole Rorschach's face from Watchmen as I had just watched the Motion Comic the week before, Did I mention I had to do this in a week on top of my schoolwork? And then I had to throw in the "stunner glasses" for my bro - they made it into the final clip in the book. This was my first official paid comics page too, so I was delighted to do it regardless.

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