Saturday, June 7, 2008


finally got word back from the guy at pendant audio and found out i had 2 days to do a cover and no scanner, so i inked different parts photographed them as best i could, assembled them in photoshop and colored them sampling colors from cam kenedy's dark empire. which was kind of my inspiration, along with allot of kirby fun space reference. i had allot of fun, though looking back on it i think i could have pushed it farther and used less muted colors, but it was quick and i learned allot, and ill be doing a monthly cover so that's fun. check my cover out and all the others here.
also ill be posting the progress and final on deviant with the rest of my art.

i also posted one of the videos i made, this one i shot all before hand and taught a class with robin's help at the Humboldt public library in iowa, so the kids edited it together, it's got some simple effects and some music but it was fun and now its on the web so check it out here.
the only other video i currently have up is another i made with austin and his family, we did as an fx test for light sabers i did in flash. you can see that one here
i am really anxious about loading Drown, my 15 min movie - the most serious of my film and editing experiments. which took me about a week straight to film storyboard and script and another 2 days editing. but im really proud of it. so hopefully that will be up soon maybe ill even post the storyboards too.

speaking of i still have yurushi to deal with, i did the comic, rewrote it as a 60 pg script, even had scores and sound fx picked out and about half of it storyboarded but its been so long i dont know what to do with it. i was thinking of reformating the comic as a fold out verticle comic but im not even that proud of it anymore, the art is old, the script is bad admitidly, i even turned down a chance to autograph a copy because i didnt really like it that much anymore. if youd like to see it though i have posted the origional comic here

im also panning on posting my 24hr comic i and have been selling called square one - its kind of a weak title, i had fun challenging myself with the layouts but unfortunately everything i didnt have figured out ened up falling into routine and so its kind of a clone of torn, and has allot of similarities. everyone was calling it the "crossword comic" but the cover is kind of fun, ill have to post it with the rest of the comic whenever i get around to it.

im also reading the next two graphic novels of astonishing x-men, the one whedon was witting and im loving, i got the 1st one at the swap meet and am reading the second 2 from teh library. as well as osama tezuka's adolf which is amazing me how deep the themes are with such cartoony stylized art. but it helps me think i dont have to change my style, just draw like i do and do it as good as i can. you kinda accept the style and then get lost in it just like a normal story. almost like watching a film with dubs or subs.

well i have allot of stuff to look through from the library, my cousins just left after a week, kinda stressfull but i had fun havinga supersoaker game with our neighbor emma, aidan, me and colten. whoever had the hose, would hide a tennisball in the grass and the others would have to try to enter the yard and hold off the monster with the supersoakers, while looking for and recovering the ball from the hosemonster. anyway it was fun.

cant wait for new york, but i also am really excited about seeing dan again, talking about stories for senior project and finishing the scripts and starting to record novus terra. were going to be recording the voices just ourselves - sinking the fx and music and then rerecording the dialog track with the voice actors. hopefully ill be able to air an episode a week on a new scad radio show im calling scadrd (scattered) for scad radio dramas. i have a facebook group if anyone would like to help here

i have so many projects i want to work on and scripts, art stories etc. my mind is so creative and my attention span is so short im constantly jumping from project to project. it will be nice to finally have something nice to show for all my work, i just am really going to be relying on a few peopel that will make or break the show so i hope they dont let me down, specifically adam - who seems to be buisyer than me and jagoda who seems to have more time than me. i havenet got anyone to help with the scripts like i wanted, but its almost done so i hope it isnt too bad, dan can help story edit for the last few episodes and im sure we'll make some changes when it comes time to record. but i hope the show does well because i could see allot of people doing weekly shows or one shot bits if it does. but ill just be doing kind of an etertainment block with 1 episode from multipule different shows each week so someone can tune in just to see what happens on their show, or maybe even listen to them all. im also interested in hearing something i saw ona road trip, a new company adapting books, graphic novels etc into audio drama format and calling it "graphic audio" - obviously a piggy back on eisner's phrase "graphic novel" however io persoanlly find it funny considering there is nothing "graphic" or visual about radio dramas, if it had that it would be tv. lol.

anyways, hopefully next time i post i will have my junk up on deviant art, hope i get allot of feedback - ive done allot of work this last semester and was one of only 3 to pass larriosn's pen and ink 1. when i get back im moving downtown so ill be buisy. ill also be inking james ww2 pages so i have some stuff in the works, and im scared about losing my drawing skills if i dont draw enough. but my work speaks for what i can do so im anxious to put it up.

some stuff will take time though, like storybaords for simpsons, that id like to sink to the audio like my noah storyboards and my simpson storyboards, but i think it will be worth it i just cant forget it.

i also overdrafted like mad so im barley still alive financially and now indebted to a few people for keeping me afloat, but a big thak you goes out to those who helped. ive never been so scared.

ive been trying to find a movie called "robot wars," it goes along with or is somehow connected with "robot jox" which is on youtube. ive also been craving to watch the made for tv-movies Generation-x, and Intensity. as well as the series, Roswell.

i also read up on the death of superman movie's on wikipedia, that were trying to be made in the 90's which was very interesting, along with summaries for mmpr series arcs.

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