Saturday, June 14, 2008

X-men and 3d Design Projects

i just thought id post this, not that anyone would see it but i noticed that there were 3 very very similar shots across the first three graphics of amazing x-men by cassidy/wheedon. one of them is
issue #1, pg. 5
issue #17 pg 6

and i forget what the last issue was, but it was pg 6.i didn't know if it was intentional, just taken from the same reference or if it meant something more. i didn't read all the way to three but robin did and she couldn't find anything that would ties them together except to show her progression of character considering they are all in completely different surroundings.

this is the actual cover for "Square one" done in a crossword that's filled out and has the answer to questions like - "the title of this book is" or "the writer is" - i thought it was cool, creative but not necessarily descriptive of what was inside. it made a comic about the dangers of drugs, std's and abuse, police corruption and so on - with a crossword cover. yeah, probably next to using helium for the Hindenburg on a list of history's all time bad choices.

these are pics of my hangman lamp from 3d, when the door is closed and the guy's alive it is on and when you turn the switch the man gets hanged and the light turns off.

this is a pic of my 3d comic, not only does it include panels from a 3d issue #1 of spawn but the panels themselves are set at different depths from one another so the depth really becomes deep when you wear the glasses and look at the comic.

and this is my final "kinetic sculpture" - a rotary chain rubber-band gun" thought youd never see one of those right. took me all day and i even worked on it all class it was due and she still let me turn it in. the only problem was that some of the gears would catch or miss because they were nails, and so i couldn't time the placement of the rubber bands which would have been surrounding the rotating front. the little hand would go up and down and fire the rubber bands as it rotated. so it worked just not perfectly. i only have one clothespin glued on. but i was still pretty proud.

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