Friday, June 20, 2008

Comics im reading - and like

I've posted a similar article to the one I did a few posts ago on my work on Star Trek on their blog - you can see my and all the artists involved at pendant audio on their blog at

Been looking at allot of library books recently from ny.

way of the rat and sojourn - god I miss crossgen coloring.
I also loved “the path” by bart sears and that had a great section about how he would rough it out small in sharpie and allot of the work fell to his inker who would bow that up and finish it into final inks.

Rose and a few others by charles vess - but all I see is julie collins.

Catwoman: Selina’s big score and a few others in the same vein of the catwoman series - such as “no easy way down,” which I love. The writer and artist darwyn cook is so simple but awesome, its like toth meets bruce timm.
And the stories are so hard boiled detective with confused romance and noir that its like a good black and white movie - speaking of which I just rewatched vertigo which is awesome. Probably my favorite hitchcock. My mestake though linking it to b+w because its got a whole bunch of color things going on, in fact allot of the visual style is based around the color in that movie.

Identity crisis - amazing art, amazing scenes by rags morales (someone I had never seen) whom I actually liked better than michael turner who did all the covers. and it looks to be amazing story after paging through it. I need to own this phone book and priced at only $15 but something like 250 pgs long its well well worth it. Plus a interview with the artist at the end and a foreword by joss whedon im definitely using my books a million card on this one. I’ve really been drawn away from dc in the last few years their batman pencilers have been so tight and stiff it just sucks and the dc universe in general never really had that much of an appeal next to their flagship characters.

Bought a whole bunch of .25 comics on my last run to fourth world comics in ny. Aerosmith was very cool, a few issues of spider man by the awesome terry dodson and his wife. Some stuff for james and some others, but the one that really struck me was elementals. I grabbed a few random issues but in one of them a female shapeshifter reveals she has been posing as the hero’s husband because she wanted her, had her and now tells her to kill herself. And she does after putting the gun in her mouth on the last page, its some powerful stuff, pretty risky and a lot more than I expected from a comico book. Inide books can go that way, their either trying to be mainstream and just suck or their using the chance to stay out of the mainstream to do stuff they couldn’t if they were. Anyway it was good.

Vol 1+2 of invincible. Awesome every time I see ryan oteley’s work. It looks so simple and yet is everything it needs. I also love the costume designs and the 20 something pages of sketches in the back. Very cool, probably expensive since its in hardcover.

Also got a book and saw extra drawings were by jen wang, I used to love her “strings of fate” webcomic, which is now gone forever - but did get me into webcomics in general. She still has a website though and I just realized she was only 2 yrs older than me. I hope I can be in her shoes if not longer than that time. Known to me she’s been in flight 1 + 2, and as I said I just saw her in agnes quill.

in other news, im on script # 8 of novus terra, thinking of calling it Vanguard adventures. Its so easy to right and fun, I just need the time.

Also james’ war comic awaits my return to ga, to ink them. Also I am to pencil the cover and have him ink that. Not to mention another star trek cover due by the 7th of July. So I should be a happy boy with plenty to do. I’ve had to write this early and post it later though because I didn’t get internet in ny.

I also watch the 1st 4 episodes of legion of superheroes which were surprisingly good even though I despise the art style of legion and titans in comparison to btas and superman. It seems like a bad attempt at american anime like all those christopher hart book, what a whore that guy is - whatever is hot he will change his style and make a book in two weeks with all the same crap as the last one but in the new style - its all just one giant bullshit money making scheme.

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