Thursday, May 22, 2008

summer time

professionally this summer will be awesome,
i just talked to one of the guys from pendant audio and arranged so i could do the monthly covers for star trek- defiant. been listening to their radio dramas more and more the later i stay up.

jame's friend has written a wwii script that james will pencil, ill ink and robin will letter. it will be interesting to see how are styles mix, since we've never really officially worked together.

ill finally have time to work on michael wood's script (edits for image comics) whom i met on deviant art.

and ill have time to finish writing and record novus terra, which i've been working on with every second of my free time for the 1st half of this semester, and dying to record. we have a sound fx, guy, about 10 voice actors and even one guys who's already done some music for it.

persoanlly, ive been overdrafting like mad and that was scarry. were going to co for 2 weeks, then ny for 2 weeks, then moving once we get back, giving away some of our baby cats and lastly robin might take a oportunity to learn from a real chef, but it would mean being away from me for a while. so much to do not to mention, finish finals - i still have a week left, here i go...

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