Saturday, May 17, 2008

editor's day

mike o'sullivan from devil's due reviewed my portfolio, i showed him my pages from the 2000 ad script and the justin time projects from larrison. i had the pages on the right and then scans with word balloons on the left. it went really well, he said i had "phenomenal energy" and that they just needed to be tightened up, which i could agree with since i did each of the projects in a night. but he really like the composition of the 1st just in time page and said i also need to work on anatomy a bit, some more life drawing. especially my hands, which kind of hurt because i was in hudson's hands class but they have gotten kinda wonky. anyways gave my second appt to james, with someone from alternative comics. im sick now and had to cover for someone at work the same night of editor's day, after i asked for it off. sliced my arm at work and am just so out of it today - fever etc. not to much hw so ill probably rest. when i get the stuff up on deviantart ill post a link.

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