Sunday, May 11, 2008

my 1st table

so i posted last week on deviant art about all the stress before this weekend.
well now its over. artist's alley and the swap meet, both were kinda a flop but both were fun and hey - i wasnt in work so that was good. the bad part was i didnt start working on my books until that night. so it took me till 5 am to print them all out in dyson. then another 2 hrs to cut and staple, and stuff like teh margins not lining up on both sides so the ceners of the pages were off and from page to page theyd be on different sides so id cut pages in half. so i made the books about 30 times when all i needed and all that got finished were 15. many people loved and commented on teh owl hands design and said they wanted to see it in a movie or game. i sold 2 illustration books (one of which to james), traded two, and sold one issue of torn. i ended up doing 2 sequentail books, and one illustration book - but no sketch book. its ok though, we were kinda the odd table out - some people said it made their eyes bleed, but i dont think i could have gotten through something that stressful without james there to lighten things up. heres the pic of my 1st table, robin's prints, james prints (the morbid ones, as usual) and my stuff in the middle - torn, my sketch book, two sequential books and my 24 hr comic (the colored crossword cover).

i also put out my portfolio which got a lot of good marks and robin sold a print too. james did a zombie portrait and outsold me and robin but also knew allot of people that stoped by. robin couldnt be there because of class but it was okay.
i got my 1st waccom tablet at the swap meets as well as teh 1st graphic novels of astonishing x-men that whedon was working on and the authoriy. as well as punisher vs batman by jr.jr. all in all i didnt have to work all weeked so that was cool. now i go to work on my gallows lamp, my ark for gotto and my final for larrison. ill try and post on here from now on so there is a consistent time line.
i cant wait for summer to write the final installments of novus terra, do the posters and finally record it.

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