Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Bee

I’ve been a busy bee, and a very ADD one this month. I’ve helped ink 2 pages of Jeremay’s Trash #2 for What the Flux, and 2 pages of Randy’s Assassins Guild #4 for Knightshift Studios. I’ve all but finished the last script in a 6-issue superhero series I’ve wanted to do and have been plotting since my first year of college. I’ve also Penciled an 8pg story for The ICCW Psychic Kids Anthology in about 3-4 days, which you can see here and set up to go to both Heroes con and Florida Supercon - both 3 day cons - in June. You can see me eitehr at the Cosmic Times booth where they will be selling copies of Decisions that I worked on, or at the What the Flux booth - at supercon. On top of that I’ve landed some ongoing work with Mortal World Entertainment which should keep me busy for the good part of this next year - you can see some of my character designs on Matt’s facebook page, here. Not to mention some other secret work I can’t talk about with WTFC. I also finally acquired a Waccom Tablet and an 11x17 scanner - my essential gear for this kind of work load.

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