Friday, September 26, 2014

Artists I like

I remember as a young boy the first artist I knew by name was a painter named John Gurche because I liked his paintings of dinosaurs and they were featured in a Kids magazine I was reading. Then the Hildibrant brothers as I was collecting their Marvel Cards and the Shadows of the Empire cards they did. Some artist I've really loved over the last few years I don't think I've mentioned yet are listed below. In fact most of my collecting these days have been centered around these artists now and anything and everything they've done. Chris Sprouse Giannis Milogiannis Becky Cloonan Danijel Zezelj - I haave no idea how this artist goes about their work. It almost looks like sillhouettes that are cut back into with whiteout - very distinct and interesting. Cully Hamner Paolo Rivera Marcos Martin Michael Hawthorne Kyle Baker in his late 80's/early 90's style on the Shadow or the Dick Tracy movie adaptation - his more cartoony stuff and new Tank Girl does nothing for me. Shawn McManus on Dr. Fate 80's Marshall Rogers on Batman And I've really enjoyed these messy covers by Frank Terran Frank Thorne Aron Wisenfeld Hugh Flemming - I find him even more interesting than Dave Doorman/Drew Struzan - he has a much more ground level approach to his angles that make even the most photoreferenced Star Wars cover seem like a brand new deleted scene etc. And for some reason I've come to learn that while I've known his work all my life from art in the Chris Hart how to books Gray Marrow's art is so flat it drives me nuts. I saw a story he did for Dark Horse for the Aliens franchise that was just not his thing.

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