Friday, June 25, 2010

Books I'm in that just came out

trash #1 is out and Asassin's Guild #4 are both out now- which i filled in some inks for on both, though - partially my fault for not correcting the error when i had the chance - i was miscredited as having only inked pgs 22, 24, 25 in ASG4 when i aditionally inked pgs 20 and 23, which were credited to Joe Fauvel. But no biggie, it was a last minute change and job anyway. ASG is available through ICCW and Trash will be available through the WTFC website.
I also penciled 6 pages this month, and inked 26.
James Whynot was was able to ink this pinup I had done about a year ago, which will be published in Issue 1 of the Indy Comic Magazine Network.

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