Saturday, October 3, 2009

Geocities closes - tOrN's new home

Geocities is closing next month and as I had a fairly extensive behind the scenes section on geocities previously at
for my webcomic/mini "tOrN" I will be moving all of that content here in the next 3 posts.

I have also joined a small but growing new ".ning" site called "indy comic creators worldwide" you can view my page here.
I haven't been able to post very much new artwork though I assure you I am working on several projects, most of which will not be published for a while so I can't post anything before they do.

In general here;s what to look for/a guide to the madness. I had two main posts dated...

>drawing the panels
>fixing the panels
>format and the comics field in general

>deleted panels
>the original story vs. the comic

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