Sunday, January 24, 2016

2015 wip

Here's basically a bunch of behind the scenes stuff from the last year or so. Villain designs, layouts, panels, thumbnails sketches etc. I did up a few controllers for my friends. Had to basically redraw the lower half of the cover for the Endless Incident and even then one of the figures got redrawn by the inker, but I understand the cover means a lot to the book so it's got to just be right. The release date is 24 Feb , please do publicize this wherever you can! Website - and facebook page - The price will be $6.99 ($5.99 promotion in the first week) Also had a double page spread layout that I got a little too into and ended up having the reader going top to bottom in the middle, then along the bottom towards the right, then up the right hand side, then right to left by the end. it was a little too much. Also stacked a panel on the left in the graphic novel that needed one of those 70's style arrows down so readers didn't get confused.

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