Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Real Books"

So I'm now noticing after basically only reading comics for a few years out of college I'm now having a hard time going back to novels. I championed comics as a gateway to literacy when you're young, but at my age it can almost be a crutch. And I do believe that there are different processes in your mind when combining pictures and text but now I've developed other problems. I have found reading books with larger font helps me but that might be just my eyes. Even my attention span has shortened, I don't know if it is conditioning from the fairly fast reads that today's comics are but I can't bring myself to be interested to read for a novel for more than 10pgs to a chapter or so in a novel before I get bored. I can't keep track of names or visualize characters or scenes that arent pictured somewhere. Am I just used to comics showing my exactly what's going on that I've lost the ability or become lazy to the point that I don't fill in the details with my mind? I have the same problems I had in high-school, I'll space out in the middle of a paragraph and have to reread. Part of it may be that I'm doing most my reading in my bed, which I've heard to never study in your bed, because your mind associates locations with actions, such as sleeping. Though I am able to make it through novels with terse fast paced short sentences like the Parker novels. Is everyone getting to be like this, and will we have to actively fight to not be like this or have I just overstimulated the visual part of my brain and, like a drug, am not getting the same high off of purley text reading material.
And on a last note, me and my little brother tried to read the Megamind comics, which are funny but aimed at an audience who can't read or understand the words megamind uses. Though I heard Stan Lee used to do that specifically to get kids to look them up and expand their vocabulary - but do kids really do that these days, or just put it down and move on?

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