Saturday, November 28, 2009

A few small things

Just a few small things. I know these are some bad pics as I struggle to get my camera back.

I found some new Kelley Jones work relatively in comparison to what I had been looking at. I liked a few experimental things he was doing since he was inking himself. Like using his fingerprints in the backgrounds here almost like Kirby crackle.

Something I will be trying in my current work.

Or here where just the barage of textures and intersecting lines made me think of that scene Todd Mcfarlane points out from Ninja scroll on the Animatrix Special Features, where there is a successive pop of black and white in the background just to give you a jarring effect - you may not even be consciously aware of as a reader/viewer.

I found these two dps’ in Marvel’s thor from 200-something and in the Elementals circa 1990. Almost two decades and a completely different publishing company and artists apart its interesting to see how they both interpreted the same mythological place differently - Asguard.

And last I found one of the artists in the Death of superman graphic novel doing this with small buildings in backgrounds for windows. Where he would ink a few parallel lines straight down and then cut across them with whiteout with a few parallel lines - forming small rectangles only a line width thick but none the less effective and faster and more consistent than just the straight black on white technique of drawing a separate line for each window.

Also my little bro broke his wrist playing with some friends but my family was able to make this sticker and attach it w/ SuperGlue so he could have something I made with him since I couldn’t draw on his cast. I posted the art on my DA page a few weeks ago and had made the image as a present for his birthday party.

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