Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Will Eisner and Defiant

i put two new videos up on my youtube page about my family.

this is for Will Eisner week. everyone in norris is doing one and were hanging them up.

this is my sketch and inks for the new Star Trek Defiant cover which you can listen to here, or see the color version here. i was really proud. im getting better at drybrush mixing with linework. cool camera placement too, kind of got the idea of the framing from my previous cover. i did fudge it a little i mean i was looking at the blueprints for the warbird infront of me when i drew it but some details are off but i had no reference for such a crazy angle, though i still think its recognizable. about a 1/2-hr pencils, about 30-min inks and about 2-hrs coloring -with a pen thank god i hate potato coloring. i do think its hard to make star trek look action packed and cool but i think i nailed it here. just goes to show if i can make this work i can should have no problem doing gigs like batman etc. where the cool factor is already inherent. im not saying star trek isnt cool im just saying that its not exactly synonymous with action and edge of your seat excitement like some titles are.

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