Thursday, February 12, 2009

speaking of reference

the top panel is mine from my "the Tragedy of Wild bill Hickok" page that's getting published by Top Shelf in the SCAD anthology and below is Weshoyot's caballero page from DeviantArt. though she did change a lot and her hand is better than mine but storytelling-wise, layout, compositionaly its the same.

you can see her whole page here and decide for your self. i left a comment on her page and she says she did the pencils almost a year ago, she showed me and she had. anyway i kinda gave her a hard time about it but i guess im just paranoid.

In other news, as I had mentioned in the previous post, I needed to change my pose for the pg. 9 splash pg so it didn't look as close as J. Campbell's, who i did not draw it from but had seen before. Here's my final page

Maelstrom: Iss.3 pg.9, SPLASH by ~xaqBazit on deviantART
and here is his.

Danger Girl Natalia by *Blasterkid on deviantART
I still have to say its about as close as I've ever come to looking like I was straight up copying and it's scary. But to think I put all the work into drawing and redrawing that pose several times, even getting my girlfriend to pose and then to find someone who had already done it better is almost worse.

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