Sunday, July 6, 2008


After making Drown with austin he got me in touch with the humboldt library and after talking over email i fiannly got to meet demi, who let me teach a class on video editing. she recently emailed me and made me think about a few of the special people in my life, past and present.

back from our big trip, to ny and colorado. vicky happened to be in ny so we went and saw her. we were so hot this was our only picture together and we were all so sweaty so i had to photoshop out all the nasty shine. and of course my fiance robin. were planning on getting married right around winter break 09/10. still think about all the things me and vicky did, even comic characters we had started working on. maybe someday - when we all have time, i might even be living back in colorado in the next few years. now she's married and so is jaimie, both i am very happy to have in my life.
i used to stand in a different place, everything and everyone has changed since then. i even lost my only dog i ever had (well we had boba for about a week). isha, i love you. "-now sit, sit."
now i have kitties, and fleas. but i love them too, not the fleas just the cats. heres my old teacher ms. mckaig, who taught graphic design 1+2 in highschool. big inspiration, made school fun - taught me everything i know in photoshop and allot of design stuff. probably i got such a big scholarship to scad.
here's me and mr. mchugh, ive since lost contact with him but he was a great guy. ran his car off of vegetable oil, showed me movies i never knew, taught me allot in just about every program but photoshop.
i also found this website through this video, amazing/real and not nearly as shallow as reality tv it really effected me. and also brought my attention to this thing i wish i had known about about a year or two ago called "the hopeline."

finally got my cover done for defiant - ill post in a few days when it goes up on the website. got my tablet working and used that for coloring it.

im also looking at doing some comics with james, something dark and fun to draw so were trying to come up with stories that would "draw" on both our strengths.

and i also got the director commentary up for Drown so check it out, "if your nerdy enough!"

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