Saturday, February 20, 2016

From Blood vs. Bloodhound

From the titles of these books alone and seeing the main characters you could probably see where this was going. Artists are protective of their work, sometimes to the point of paranoia. I've been out of line before calling books on this reason, and I've had people legitimately rip me off. DC and Marvel have so many pastiche's of eachother's characters they've made events about pitting them against each other. At first I thought they ripped us off since Dark Horse didn't publish the book until 2013 and we got ours out in 2012. However, it looks like DC originally published the book as far back as 2004. So I'll just say that while we go about getting to these scenes differently and there are things that differentiate each comic inbetween, Darkhorse's the Bloodhound and Cosmic Times' From Blood more than resemble each other. Is it just the conventions of the genre, did we tap into some kind of cultural zeitgeist with similar series starting around the same time such as Luther Strode, do we all have similar influences or is it just coincidence like seems to happen every few years in Hollywood when similar competing movies happen to come out almost at the same time by choice or mistake? We start off with a shot of a mental hospital while bloodhound is in prison. Then they have a talk outside the super-powered hulking long-haired patient's room before moving in and introducing a female character that he escapes with. There's private discussion of their opinions of him and bureaucracy, then the other patients make their move to take out the hero and it gets bloody fast - heroes getting stabbed in both books. The only two surviving, the girl and the hero leave and have a chat in the car. Before arriving at a familiar house from the hero's past. A wierd guy shows up in both cases telling the hero he'll explain later, moments before the joint explodes. A fight ensues where a support beam ends up getting taken out and the house comes down. they hide out at a hotel only to be found and have to make an off the second floor escape using something from their room. Probably the most different here, they both end up getting burned head to toe but by completley different things. Last half of both stories are really where they go their separate ways but man do they start off echoing one another like their ears are ringing. The Legacy of Luther Strode starts with a similar "hero escaping a flipped over convoy truck" to our finale, published a few years after our last issue. Both series I'm mentioning were much larger, longer, more popular, color and published by huge companies by comparison, so it seems we were neither the beginning nor the end of whatever we tapped into, but if we were lucky we might have been a stop along the way.

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